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But now it’s been announced, I can.  A bit.  In most cases, the publisher likes to do the announcement and manage the first wave of interviews.  In which regard, you can find interviews with me about the SECRET AVENGERS series at:





I am taking the piss at various levels in each of them.

Right now, I’ve signed on for six issues.  What I said to Tom was, I’ll do six, and if I’ve irretrievably fucked up the deadlines at that point, I’ll bail out and he can get someone more professional to take over.  If nothing else, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this summer – I have another announcement on the 11th (moved from the 8th) – and this book shouldn’t suffer from that.  If I screw up, I leave of my own accord after six.

Other details are, of course, scattered through those interviews. I hope you don’t find them too dull.

As of right now, we have two issues in the can, and I started work on the third a couple of days ago. I can tell you that this bit of script I posted the other week:

Is from my second issue of SECRET AVENGERS.  And that every issue is a self-contained story.

Anyway.  Yes.  Small comics news.

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