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Man Kills Woman, Watches Dirty Movies With Corpse For Days

An adult movie left in a DVD player was enough for the cops to track down a man who has confessed to killing a woman he didn’t know, but whose body he stayed with for at least some time after she was dead.

Kanagawa Prefectural Police investigators thought there was something amiss when nobody had seen Kayoko Matsubara for days, prompting them to accompany her brother to her Sagamihara apartment.

They made the ghastly find of the 22-year-old woman’s body, but there were signs that somebody else had been in the room with her corpse. Telltale signs hit the police in the face — cigarette butts were found throughout the apartment though Matsubara had been a non-smoker; leftovers were discovered; and, a dirty movie remained in her DVD player.

A journeyman, sometime day laborer called Takanori Maeda was arrested last week on theft charges and police say he has since told them he killed Matsubara.

…As August moved into September, Matsubara’s workmate received a series of e-mails from the young woman saying that she had been feeling ill and would not be coming into work until she got better. But suspicions were aroused when a co-worker offered to visit Matsubara’s apartment to check up on her only to receive the reply: “I don’t want you to look for me.”

“It looks like Maeda stayed in Matsubara’s apartment for a few days after he killed her and kept sending e-mail in her name to make it look as though she were still alive…”

Maeda’s fingerprints were found throughout Matsubara’s apartment, most tellingly on the adult movie found in the DVD player, which police learned Maeda had recently rented out from a local store. Maeda apparently lay down beside Matsubara’s body as he watched the adult movie. But the 22-year-old Maeda did not previously know Matsubara.

“I only sneaked into her room to steal something, but she saw my face, so I had to do her in…”

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