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Woke Up Dead

Well, no.  But I did wake up with a rotten cold, again.  Allergy attacks depress the immune system and other muck sneaks in when the fence is down.  It feels like I should be over it in a few days, but I’m going to have to churn out the most important script pages today in case I take a turn for the worse.

Chicken isn’t dead yet.

It’s going to be lots of bitty updates and posts this week, I think.  Like this one: Michael Avon Oeming did a digital sketch of me. We’ve never met, so he doesn’t know I’ve been shaving my head for the last couple of years.  Don’t tell him.

Annoyance of the morning: either Tweetdeck Desktop has stopped supporting the Tumblr API, or Tumblr’s cut Tweetdeck out of its API provision.  So once again I have a realtime information app that’s failed out on me.  WHERE IS MY ONE APP TO RULE THEM ALL GODDAMNIT.

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