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Human Death Threats On Behalf Of A Virtual Human

Ellen Rogers just pointed me at her friend Karley Sciortino, and specifically at her recounting the reactions to an article she wrote about virtual Japanese idoru Hatsune Miku:

… I have never received such a violent response to anything I’ve written in my entire life… The feature, along with the accompanying photoshoot which was conceived and styled by Matthew Josephs, instigated so much rage within the Miku fanbase that there were actually pipe bomb threats to Clash’s London office following its release. Angry fans then hacked into the mag’s website and made it so the page concerning the feature was inaccessible. Both Matthew and I have received personal death threats. One boy, on a Miku fan forum, threatened to give me a “thorough anal stabbing” with a leek until I died…

The article’s included in the post. Decide for yourselves whether or not threatening to kill people on behalf of a piece of art-by-committee is a sign of new crazy or just a recent wrinkle in business-as-usual…

(ref. Gibson’s IDORU, of course, and possibly also mine and Colleen’s SUPERIDOL.)

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