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Bookmarks for 2011-02-09

  • Ghost, Blogging –
    "It's funny to be talking about blogging — which for its entire lifespan has been dismissed broadly for being superficial and narcissistic — as being a besieged outpost of well-developed, thoughtful writing, but I think that's exactly what's happening. It's no one's "fault" — it's just the natural evolution of popular content production and consumption towards the most frictionless state: from books to periodicals to personal websites to blogs to Twitter to the Like button. When a medium comes along that's easier than clicking the Like button — maybe thinking you Like something — you can be sure everyone will speculate about and then bemoan its death before moving on."
    (tags:writing web )
  • BBC News – Robots to get their own internet
    "Robots could soon have an equivalent of the internet and Wikipedia. European scientists have embarked on a project to let robots share and store what they discover about the world. Called RoboEarth it will be a place that robots can upload data to when they master a task, and ask for help in carrying out new ones. Researchers behind it hope it will allow robots to come into service more quickly, armed with a growing library of knowledge about their human masters."
    (tags:robots net comp )

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