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comicsweek 26jan11

Comics are on sale in the UK, US and Canada from 26 Jan, later in other territories. Here’s a few things worth paying attention to this week:

THE NEW YORK FIVE #1 (of 4) – a sequel to Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s NEW YORK FOUR graphic novel — pretty sure this’ll read fine as a standalone. Nicely observed human strangeness in the big city, with gorgeous art.

THE STRANGE CASE OF EDWARD GOREY is a very-well reviewed memoir of the artist by Alexander Theroux, in a typically lovely Fantagraphics Books edition.

THE SIXTH GUN #8 – this supernatural Western snuck up on a lot of people. Possibly because, you know, most people’s blood turns to scabs as soon as you say “supernatural Western.” It’s actually really attractive, energetic popcorn comics.

I haven’t read Jeremy Bastian’s CURSED PIRATE GIRL, but I’ve seen some of the art, and it’s absolutely beautiful. There’s an element of Tenniel’s woodcuts to it, and certainly an ALICE IN WONDERLAND-like dreaminess infused into the whole thing — but it also seems more active and driven. And it’s called CURSED PIRATE GIRL, which is a win right there. Keep an eye out for the trade paperback, out this week.

Talking of woodcuts, Lynd Ward’s SIX NOVELS IN WOODCUTS gets a slipcased edition with a contextualising foreword by art spiegelman. These wordless graphic novels are actually central comics works, and you should look at them at some point (even if it’s not this edition, which is somewhat pricey).

In hardcover, SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING Book 4 takes the reprint series well into the American Gothic sequence of Alan Moore’s defining run with Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Rick Veitch and other drawing. Some of Alan’s best short horror fiction is contained here.

Also in hardcover, volume 3 of Matz & Jacamon’s THE KILLER, entitled MODUS VIVENDI. THE KILLER, French comics beauty tinged with Westlake as well as Jean-Pierre Melville, is some of the best crime comics being published today. Remarkably fearless in the way it keeps the titular character moving and changing.

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