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comicsweek 19jan11

New comics are released in the US, Canada and the UK on 19 Jan. May be later in other territories. A very quick look at what’s good, because I’m in the middle of three other things:

THE BOYS, by old mates Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, reaches #50. Also, Garth Ennis’ Battlefields reaches its sixth collected volume with Motherland: Garth’s war stories are always required reading. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, by old mate Matt Fraction, reaches #500. Also, Fraction’s CASANOVA vol 1: LUXURIA is re-released in its enhanced, coloured and remastered form: CASANOVA is probably the best science fiction comic in print anywhere in the world right now. Simple as that. If you haven’t read it yet, fix that with this book.

It’s Brian Wood week: #61 of political sf serial DMZ, #36 of his series of Viking stories NORTHLANDERS.

MEMOIR #1 (OF 6): I know nothing about this beyond the solicits text reprinted below, but CHOKER was fun, and anyone wrestling Nikki Cook into drawing six issues of anything gets my vote.

Writer BEN McCOOL (CHOKER) teams up with artist NIKKI COOK (Girl Comics, DMZ) for this six-part tale of mystery and memory loss. Lowesville is a small town in the American Midwest, peaceful and quaint. But one morning the population awakens with no idea of who they are, where they are, or what’s happened. The town’s memory has been completely erased. All except for one man… He remembers everything.

Bendis and Maleev’s SCARLET #4 – I’ve only read the first two issues, and need to catch up. So far, it’s been a raw-boned look at a corrupt society and the moral justification for vigilantism. I suspect there’s much more to be unpacked.

The Complete BAD COMPANY: a collection of the classic serial from 2000AD, where Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins took that anthology’s traditional “future war” form and stood it on its head. This was brilliant stuff.

RAT CATCHER – crime graphic novel written by Andy Diggle. Looks fun.

SECRET AVENGERS Vol 1: MISSION TO MARS (HC) – I gave Ed Brubaker all kinds of hell about SEKRITLY AVENGING ON MARS, but, really, this is the sort of state of the art superhero comic that, if you like superhero comics, you’re doing yourself a great injustice by not reading.

STIGMATA is a hardcover GN illustrated by the European maestro Lorenzo Mattotti. I haven’t seen it yet, but, really, you should at least look at anything by Mattotti.

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