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Magazines And Kindle

My feeds are full of people talking about magazines and iPads. I would like to read more magazines on my Kindle.

I have a digital subscription to LOCUS, the journal of record for the science fiction publishing industry, but getting it on to the Kindle is slightly more of a fuckabout than it should be. My Kindle lives on my desk, propped between my Buddha Machine and my Gristleism box. I should be able to flick it on to wifi, have magazines automagically load on to it, and flick it off again. Which I could, if I wanted something off Kindle’s shitty selection. (Like the appalling and overpriced port of THE ECONOMIST.) Magazine publishers who decide to improve Kindle would get great love from me.

Because you know what’s great about Kindle? It’s not just about the grey slate. My iPhone is a Kindle, through the Kindle for iPhone app. My computer is a Kindle, through Kindle for PC. There’s a Kindle app for your iPad, too, and for my daughter’s Android phone. Kindle will put its disease into most connected devices, and will sync across all of them.

I do have a digital version of THE WIRE as part of my subscription to that magazine. But, I have to say — like a lot of magazines, the design is not the reason to buy it. THE WIRE’s magazine is in fact famously practical and minimalist. If all you’re really selling are the words — why aren’t you just shoving them into a Kindle wrapper, instead of giving me a 250MB download of exported graphics files?

More Kindle magazines, please. Thank you.

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