The Not .99 Method

January 14th, 2011 | researchmaterial

This might be fucking brilliant. A method for selling ebooks and comics to devices that doesn’t involve Apple. Laid out in what looks like almost idiotproof detail by Brett Jackson.

THE NOT .99 METHOD: How to roll-your-own e-payment and delivery system for selling your books & comics so quick and reliable that not even Apple can take it away.

This do-it-yourself iBookstore alternative…

Is DRM-free (simple, shareable and readable on any device forever).
Lets you set the price. (Well… NOT __.99, naturally.)
Can sell, download and read works immediately.
Can never be censored, redacted or removed.
Charges nothing. You keep all the money (or almost all the money).
It’s a great free and simple method for selling indie books/comics for the iPhone and iPad (and every other mobile reading device).


The customer uses their phone (or e-reader) to purchase your book/comic via standard text message (or browser URL) and then automatically receives a download link by email.


This friendly 3-step method highlights uses common free online services (PayPal, Gmail & Google Docs) but feel free to make your own substitutions based on personal preference, terms of service and transaction cost.

Cory Doctorow, I summon thee.

If a bunch of people can make this work over a reasonably long period, say six months… then this guy needs a medal.

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