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January 10th, 2011 | daybook

My musical acquaintance Xela needed a name for his new DJ night, to be held in the wilds of Cambridge MA, which is apparently in the USA. So I pulled a name out of an old notebook for him. Wish I could be there.

In other news, I’m sick again. Made the mistake of clearing some stuff out of the office without a dustmask on, and was shortly after crippled by the worst housedust allergy attack I’ve had in years. To the point where I had to spend Saturday night in a hotel room with all the windows open, because the next step was clearly hospital. But, like the last time I got sick, my immune system was so depressed by the allergy attack that I woke up on Sunday with greatly reduced allergy symptoms — and a chest infection, ha ha go me. Am coughing up green lungbits like a good ‘un. (And just had a coughing fit that’s left me with a blinding headache over one eye, so this is going to be even briefer than intended.)

All this coincides with the new laptop arriving this morning, a 17-inch Lenovo W701 with 16GB of RAM. It’s so nice to have a computer which doesn’t make me wait five minutes for an application to open.

And with that, I’m taking more meds and going back to bed.

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