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links 6jan11

Massively behind on everything, let’s close some tabs:

John Robb, of the Global Guerrilla blog frequently cited here, is building a thing that sounds, on the face of it, a leetle creepy:

We’ve finally found a very simple way to test out the concept of an open source venture with a project we’re calling “Picture This.”

In short, “Picture This” is:

A venture that gathers digital pictures of home/business/etc. at every postal address in the world.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An Internet site that allows people to search on an address to view a picture of that location.
  2. An address specific self-service advertising system (akin to adwords and earlier work on context sensitive advertising).
  3. A cell phone application that makes it easy for anyone to take a digital picture and upload it to the site.

It’s just me, right? I’m obviously missing something, and must ruminate further when I have the spare braincycles.

A few hours after the Moment of Alan Moore tumblr opened, someone sent me a link to A Moment Of Ellis.

In Vancouver? Want to be a comics artist? Steve Rolston, who did MEK with me and QUEEN AND COUNTRY with Rucka, will teach you how. (To draw comics. Not how to be in Vancouver.)

The blog Beyond Victoriana is running excerpts from Jess Nevins’ indispensably brilliant FANTASTIC VICTORIANA encyclopedia.

Sniffing a woman’s tears reduces sexual arousal in men. Which just made me think of stories of a certain guy in a certain region’s fetish circles who couldn’t actually get it up until he’d made a woman cry.

Jim Woodring’s massive pen.

Fancy a bit of vaguely Turkish ambient theremin experimentation? Course you bloody do.

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