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Not Comicsweek

Not doing the Comicsweek thing this week. First week back at work, so I need to be scripting and thinking, not chasing down links for comics in order to find out what the hell they are. Also, honestly, there wasn’t a hell of a lot I was interested in writing about this week.

If you’re looking for recommendations for new things to look at in the comics shop this week, it’s pretty much the 5th issue of CHOKER, EDGE OF DOOM #3, SWEETS #4 (OF 5), WEIRD WORLDS #1 for a little slice of Kevin Maguire work, the second issue of WOLVERINE BEST THERE IS because the first one was mad, CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN Vol 4 and the new Juxtapoz book.

I got this tweeted at me several times today: apparently I'm Guerrilla Geek's favourite comic author of 2010

First script for Short New Marvel Thing got shipped out to the editor last night, and a FREAKANGELS script went out to Avatar this afternoon. I still have to process the new batch of SVK pages Matt Brooker just dropped in the box — oh, and, apparently there are still one or two advertising slots available on that project.

I was talking with a cabbie just before Xmas. Got talking about comics. He said to me, do you remember those free things that came with comics back then? (This was, I think, actually a central part of the genesis of SVK.) Do you remember, he said, the stickers that came with the comic 2000AD back in 1977?

The Biotronic Man stickers. For sticking on your skin, so you could pretend to be biotronic. Not only did I remember them, but I remembered that, twenty years later, someone wrote a letter to 2000AD that read something like, “Hello. My Biotronic Man stickers just fell off. Where can I get replacements?”

He laughed so hard he nearly crashed the cab and killed us both.

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