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One Of Those People

Arrived today. Only took them six months to send to me.

I don’t think I’d even heard of the Writer’s Guild until reading Harlan Ellison‘s THE GLASS TEAT, sometime around 1988. And, even then, Harlan made it sound somewhat frustrating. On the other hand, he loved it, and was clearly proud to be part of it.

Membership of the Guild is a necessity for working with major studios in Hollywood. It wasn’t something I was given a choice in. And there’s a lot about the WGA I’m not thrilled by. That said… I now have this stuck above my desk. There’s a peculiar pleasure in it. When you’re a kid reading about these people, living in a 6′ by 6′ bedsit in the shit end of Essex and eating once a day if you’re lucky, wondering what it was really like to be those people and do those things… it’s an interesting thing, to become one of those people.  I like being a member of the WGAw.

at the top of this CBR page, a brief note on the comics I'm interested in seeing in 2011 +++ partway down on this Newsarama page, a brief note by me on my old mate Axel Alonso becoming Editor In Chief of Marvel Comics

Very good interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick at The Comics Reporter today. And Bruce Sterling’s doing his State Of The Union for the year, which is always fascinating.

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