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I am returned from the dead of winter.

Mostly I sat around reading and occasionally pouring bottles of wine into me as a defense against The Swine-Thing Flu that’s going around. Sometimes I went outside, fending off Nature with a lit cigarette while doing rustic things like Levering An Inch-Thick Plate Of Ice Off The Fishpond.

Things will probably be at half-power this week. First week back at work is always a nightmare, and January in general is usually a month I’d rather forget. Aside from deadlines and editors & publishers panicking because people took time off to see the sky friends and family, there’s also paying for Xmas, paying some tax, and, this month, paying for a new laptop.

My current machine, the Little Black Book, had been making wheezing sounds through much of 2010, and just before New Year it started making the clear sign that it’s praying for death to deliver it from more beatings. It’s a Thinkpad X61, and it’s been relentlessly hammered for the best part of three years now. Time to let it go.

Marc Weidenbaum on my Ubuweb selections +++ news story on the three books about my work being published by SeqArt in 2011


2011 is going to be an unusually intense work year, and so I eventually let people talk me into spending a scary amount of money on an unusually powerful laptop. The Thinkpad W701 with the Extreme Edition processor and 16GB of RAM. Sadly, the W701ds option, with the extra screen that slides out, isn’t available for the UK. Although it probably wouldn’t let me throw a feed reader on the extra screen anyway. But I’m sick of the 12.1 inch screen and the weedy metal brain that starts weeping when I run more than four applications at once. The W701 is basically the laptop version of HAL. I think I could run a reasonably-sized space agency on it.

(Before I got the laptop, I always had big beasts of desktop systems. It’ll be nice to have a bit of power back.)

It will be here in two weeks. And then the work begins. I expect to be freed up in the next several weeks to talk about at least some of the many New Things I spent 2010 organising and working on.

Also this site needs some design surgery, which will happen when Ariana and I get enough spare brain cycles to work out what it actually needs.

Anyway. Yes. Back now.

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