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comicsweek 15dec10

This week, new comics are being released to specialty comics stores on Dec 15 in North America and Dec 16 in the UK and elsewhere. These notes are briefer than I’d like, this week: deadlines day.

DMZ #60. The final year begins. And, lucky old you, it apparently begins with the origins of the Second American Civil War, so you can probably investigate the series right here, even at this relatively late date in the serial run. And you should.

I only ever saw the first issue of Ted McKeever’s META 4, but it was brilliant, a massive return to form. #4 is out this week. I need to catch up with this. A weird, drifting science fiction Theatre of the Absurd, with probably the most gorgeous art McKeever’s ever produced. Very arresting imagery.

Book 13 of Pecau and Kordey’s SECRET HISTORY is released, and I’m wondering how it is that I’ve never read an issue of this series. Time-spanning conspiracy theories and the wonderful art of Igor Kordey, you’d think I would at least have had a look…

STRANGE TALES 2 #3 (OF 3) from Marvel apparently features Kate Beaton, the late Harvey Pekar, Kevin Huizenga and the man who fears no shirt, Dean Haspiel. Therefore you should really pick a copy up.

DISEASE OF LANGUAGE collects Eddie Campbell’s adaptations into comics of Alan Moore’s spoken word pieces THE BIRTH CAUL and SNAKES AND LADDERS. When I first heard THE BIRTH CAUL — 1995? — I told Alan I thought it was the best thing he’d written in the last five years. And FROM HELL is one of my favourite graphic novels. It still stands today as a massive work of frightening ambition and scope, an almost Joycean attempt to encode the essential modern human condition into word and sound and symbol and ritual. Eddie Campbell sets himself a near impossible job here, but succeeds in letting light and breath into the text. SNAKES AND LADDERS is also very good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s THE BIRTH CAUL that left its impression on me.

Judge Dredd Comp Case Files TP (S&S Ed) Vol 2 — all the JUDGE DREDD strips from 2000AD are being released chronologically in big collections. We’re getting into the strip’s first prime, now, with early work from Brian Bolland and the mighty Mike McMahon starting to power up.

Mad Woman of the Sacred Heart is the legendary Moebius and the storied Alejandro Jodorowsky, famed for their demented science fiction comics, essaying their version of a 1970s relationships film. I haven’t read it in years, decades probably, but I remember it as being like these two holy fools trying to make a Henry Jaglom movie. It’s re-released in hardback this week. You should have a flick through it.

Jason Little’s Motel Art Improvement Service looks kind of cute. See for yourself.

And, in this week’s shameless whorebaggery, I note that TWO-STEP, the short serialised graphic novel I wrote for Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti to draw, gets its trade-paperback collection. This was one of those things where I was delighted just to lay down the story in a light full script and let Amanda and Jimmy freestyle in the backgrounds and interstices. They don’t disappoint. Gorgeous pages.

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