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Sailing By

That Diaspora pod I joined? Noticed on their devblog today that apparently the only way to cure my problems with it was to delete and recreate my account. Which I’ve done, out of curiosity. So if you had a pending add request with me, it’s gone, sorry. if you want to try again, though I can’t imagine why you would.

Spent hours on a script before realising that I had the double-page spread in the wrong place, and so had to condense the first five pages into three pages in order to fix it. My eyes ache.

Yelena on Spider action

Had TweetDeck running for a few hours so I could keep an eye on the protests and the tuition fees vote: the latter because it has political implications and direct implications on my finances, and the former because my friend Laurie Penny was in the middle of the protests as a reporter. As I’ve noted before, Laurie is basically Yelena Rossini from TRANSMETROPOLITAN, and she blames me for corrupting her with my work. True to form, she emerged from the crush covered in blood and paint and bruises, after a worrying Twitter post along the lines of “leg not work properly,” ready to get some copy filed. And that’s the interesting thing. Not Laurie’s leg. She’s actually covering these events two or three times over, and the first time is realtime, on Twitter, from right in the middle of it all. Down to broadcasting, in certain instances, individual police ID numbers. As deep in the story/stories as you can get. She’s silent right now: I’m presuming her phone ran out of charge, as predicted, and hoping she’s not still in the kettle, which, others on Twitter are reporting, is still active at 1230am. There are children in there. This is how we treat our children when they question us, now: by cowing them, in the dark and the cold.

Other things: the beta sites for the Gawker net are interesting to me. Look at beta Gawker or beta io9. “Important,” substantial posts own most of the space, and the smaller stuff rides a sideblog. I can’t decide if it’s new and progressive or actually a bit 2005. We still use a sideblog here, what we call the metaweblogbar, which pulls in new posts from fellow travellers. The equivalent to beta Gawker would, I suppose, be using the sidebar for the microlog posts, music stuff and brief plugs that usually count for half the day’s posts here. I don’t know how useful or productive that would be. But I suppose it’s nice that someone’s thinking about how blogs could change with the times. Interesting to me is that it’s essentially the reverse of the BoingBoing design, where the more substantial posts are stickied in the sidebar…

(All of which while what’s actually happening is happening on Twitter, yes.)

Sailing by.

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