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Links for 2010-12-09

  • Press Publish
    "publishing is modern fun. Press Publish is an experimental publishing outfit with a particular interest in the online and digital realms. Things we've made so far include online archives, print-on-demand books and magazines, blogs, mooks and more. Things we'd like to make include printed magazines and books, catalogues, more archives, monographs… the list goes on. You can preview and purchase a selection of limited edition publications here."
    (tags:pod publishing )
  • Life expectancy slips, stroke dips to No. 4 killer
    Life expectancy dropped about a month, from 77.9 years in 2007 to 77.8 years in 2008. The author of the report called the change minuscule and says it will take many years to see whether it's a trend. A similar decline occurred in 2005.
    (tags:med )
  • Dotspotting – About Dotspotting
    We're making tools to help people gather data about cities and make that data more legible. Our hope is to do this in a way that's simple enough for regular people to get involved, but robust enough for real research to happen along the way.
    (tags:maps )
  • Exposure to North Dakota road material may increase risk of lung cancer
    New data shows that people exposed to the mineral erionite found in the gravel of road materials in North Dakota may be at significantly increased risk of developing mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer most often associated with asbestos exposure
    (tags:med )
    Design and Existential Risk is a series of conversations with leading thinkers, designers, and educators ?who critically question how the practice of design can imagine and prepare for extreme existential risks. ?The series explores the ways design thinking engages sustainability and human survival now and in the future.
    (tags:dooooom future war )
  • Havasu: a material exploration of conversational interfaces ? Blog ? BERG
    Havasu is a robot that helps you find out what films are on when, and then organise your friends to go. You talk to Havasu through instant messenger.
    (tags:web )

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