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And Thanks For All The Fish

(Matt Jones has been travelling)

Tumblr’s into its second day of downtime. Those people must be tearing their hair out right now — been a while since anyone’s seen growing pains like that. Unless you’re on a Diaspora pod, ha ha. When I try to manage my requests on the pod I joined, I now get a message saying “Please, stop that.” Mind you, I noticed that Google eBooks has managed to launch with nothing actually in it, and Techcrunch are claiming that they’re going to ship Chrome OS in a state best described as broken.

Oh, and Alert Thingy seems to have died in the night. What happened there, I wonder? The internet has gotten very annoying lately.

Especially if you’re in the business of Putting Your Disease in people.

This is a very late morning message. Good morning. This is warren ellis dot com.

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