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Week Of Weirdness

And I can’t talk about any of it! Aaaaaah. This OMERTA shit is killing me.

(My agents study daybook entries to ensure I’m not getting drunk and letting Sekrit Informashuns slip.)

All this Invisible Stuffs is also eating my days. I’m stealing time to get this down from what I should be doing in this hour, which is writing a foreword for a book of Ellen Rogers photography. Which I think will be the third or fourth foreword I’ve written in the last five weeks.

I’m in this zone now where I’ve been working flat out all year but you won’t see most if not all of it until the middle of 2011. That, too, is weird.

One thing of sad note is that I’ve resigned my column at WIRED UK. I think they still have one in the pipe to use, and then that’s it. I don’t particularly want to go into details about the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it was probably time for me to go anyway, and I’ll always be grateful to Ben Hammersley and David Rowan for giving me the opportunity in the first place. Russell Davies was always the real intellectual anchor of the magazine’s Start section in any case, and I don’t imagine I’ll be missed.

I’m going to miss doing a column in a proper newsstand magazine, though. And, honestly, that column’s probably been the only sign to many people that I’m even still alive.

Also, here’s a thing: I took a look at this site’s analytics the other day, and The New Web is in full effect. Twitter “followers” go up, website hits go down. I mean, not by a hideous amount. But noticeable. More thoughts on this will follow, but, well, Bruce Sterling was expecting blogging to go away, and I presume that starts with the audience going away. Or, more correctly, with the audience wishing/expecting their social network service friends to curate the individual blog post, rather than sit on the blogs or aggregate the RSS themselves…

Speaking of RSS. I got myself all set up with Seesmic Desktop 2 and the Google Reader plug-in for it, and I was, for a week, all-fucking-seeing. Everything of importance to me streamed to my desktop in realtime. And then the fucking plug-in broke. I feel like I had godlike powers stolen from me by a fucking dog. I am cheated and wrathful.

Seriously, all I want is a nice big dashboard for Twitter and Google Reader, and maybe Tumblr, and maybe even Facebook if I actually start using that properly one day, that pops up nice little notifications in the bottom left of my screen when something new happens, and those notifications vanish after ten seconds. That’s all. It’s not much to ask. The future needs to stop being shit now.

And now I need to finish writing that foreword.  Begone, mortals.  Grrr.

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