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The Chickens Are Not Impressed

That would be Gertrude and Gloria, two of the three rescued ex-battery hens I bought for the girls to keep. And they are not impressed. Their water was covered in ice, everything else was covered in frost, and someone has taken away the warm thing in the sky that they’d only just gotten used to. Also I am taking their picture instead of providing fresh grass.

SUPERGOD #5 should finally be out next week. I think I broke the artist with the big cast-of-thousands climactic scenes. I mean, it was a goofy little story, but that doesn’t mean you should go cheap on the ending. I wonder if he’ll be the second artist I’ve put into a mental health facility in the last few years?

Sad to say, I don’t think I’ll be re-upping my account with eMusic in the new year. I’ve been a happy eMusic customer for many years, and have discovered incredible people like Julianna Barwick through them. In the last few months, though, the service seems to have been crumbling. The downloader’s stopped working properly (something that several people have commented on to me, so it’s not just me), their search system is completely broken, they’ve lost access to some central labels, their recommendation system seems determined to offer me music that they don’t have the rights to sell in Britain (like My Bloody Valentine. Yes, a British act. Go figure), and the new pricing system (or more properly the new pricing display system. I think.) makes very little sense and also makes it surprisingly hard to judge just how useful your remaining credit is. They removed the rollover of monthly credit from UK accounts a while back. But a couple of months ago I caught them “refreshing” my account while I still had two days of the month left to use my credit. And, while they apologised (sort of) and gave me compensatory credit (very nice of them)… I’m left with the impression that the management needs to take a good long look at its current practises.

Which leaves me with… I dunno, bleep, Amazon UK MP3… bloody iTunes… dodgy Russian mp3 shops that are either funding Chechen rebels or buying me protection from smiling Russian Mafiya or diversified gas oligarchs… or spending even more money on Bandcamp, I suppose…

We are not impressed, no.

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