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Junko Mizuno’s CINDERALLA

Okay, it’s Cinderella. But Cinderella is played by a fetish Powerpuff Girl. And she works at her father’s yakitori restaurant. Until he dies. But then he comes back as a zombie. And he has a new family. And there’s a terrible secret behind the provenance of his special sauce.

No no no, stay there.

You’ve never seen guts drawn so cutely. You’ve never seen a Powerpuff Girl chewing up dead chicks, either. This is everything that Japanese comics were always threatened to be in the scare stories: sexual insanity, flying innards, skewed v-movie plot devices, a distinctly sideways sense of humour.

And, y’know, a Powerpuff Girl in fetish gear. It manages to be funny and vaguely sickening all at once. It makes you feel dirty. And I like that.

(Originally presented on, a compendium of pieces on the graphic novels you should own.)

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