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notebook 23nov10

In which I grab mostly visual posts and pieces off Tumblr and other places and stuff them in my online notebook. All text below is by the linked authors.

* paperbits:

Z Axis Extender Kit for Makerbot Cupcake by Zydac – Thingiverse

Here we have a hardware upgrade that significantly modifies the capabilities of an open-source robotic 3D printer. Which is designed to be printed on that printer. And is uploaded to a social-software site for sharing fabricatable designs, forking them, and resubmitting improvements.

Let’s say that again: this is a downloadable hardware upgrade for an affordable robot that can fabricate its own components.Which I am linking to, because it’s been shared on a kind of Flickr for fabricatable objects.

* kateoplis:

The Hindenburg flying over Manhattan in 1936 or 1937. It burned and crashed in May 1937 at Lakehurst, NJ.

NYT: Streetscapes: The Empire State Building=

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