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comicsweek 24nov10

New comics are released into comics stores on Wednesdays in North America and Thursdays in the UK.

After we finished TRANSMETROPOLITAN, two major sf series followed it at DC Vertigo. Brian Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s Y THE LAST MAN and, still being serialised today, Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli’s DMZ. I love this series. Brian’s done some simply amazing things with it, and in places has broken ground that much of the rest of the medium hasn’t even noticed yet. DMZ #59 is the pause before what looks like the final year of the book — or, at least, the final year of the war in and around Manhattan that DMZ has depicted. For most of the series, Manhattan has been the DMZ of the title, a buffer between opposing fronts in a new American civil war. Things have not gone well. This issue, guest illustrated by the remarkable writer/artist David Lapham, sets the stage for what comes next.

And here are clicky pictures for two more pages:

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #32 and SECRET AVENGERS #7 are probably the two most entertaining straight superhero books Marvel are producing right now, and they’re both out this week.

The new ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY is out, #20, presented, as has become customary, in an expensive hardcover edition. At this point, I imagine you already know if you want it or not. As a continuation of a serial, it’s your choice whether you want a USD $24 book that’s the middle of a story as your first experience of Chris Ware. That said, if you haven’t yet read Chris Ware, you should see to that soon. I was going to refer you to his publisher’s catalogue, but most of his books seem to be out of stock.

EDIT: Ed Brubaker tells me “the new Acme is actually a self-contained GN this time.” And yet the publisher’s text I found includes “The ACME Novelty Library Number 20 comprises a contributing chapter to cartoonist Chris Ware’s gradual accretion of the ongoing graphic novel experiment ‘Rusty Brown.'” A chapter that works as a self-contained piece? Is Peggy still at D&Q? Peggy, I can still find out where you live.

THE WALKING DEAD continues to impress: Robert Kirkman’s best work, writing with an admirable ruthlessness, and Charlie Adlard becoming ever more magnificent. The thirteenth collection, TOO FAR GONE, is out this week, as is #79 of the serial. This is first and last time I’ll mention THE WALKING DEAD in these notes, because it’s about to become as ubiquitous as LOST and hardly hurting for an audience. And you’ll be able to find all the collections easily in bookstores, and wonder to yourself why this wasn’t selling sixty thousand copies per serial issue in comics stores.

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