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Mondays are always work days that don’t involve much actual writing. Mondays are for email, setting up conferences, touching base on things, general admin, catching up with news… Mark Romanek is negotiating to direct the pilot of LOCKE AND KEY based on Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez’ comics series, which is lovely news (I once wrote a foreword to a LOCKE AND KEY collection)… I’m trying to clear the time to attend THRILLING WONDER STORIES 2 in London on Friday, but it’s not looking good… RED’s still in the US movie top ten this week, even after the crushing of what I may have called on Twitter HARRY POTTER AND THE UNSETTLING HANDJOB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT… six weeks in the top ten, even, which is very pleasant… having to reconfigure the next month’s work, not so much. Just a few too many things have gone Horribly Wrong in the last six months. Still, things should get quiet at the end of the week, when America goes into a meat coma…

Also Molly Crabapple is threatening my internal organs again, which I think means she’s back in London to paint more filthy murals next week. And Templesmith is talking about some all-inclusive Templesmith App for iOS. He didn’t seem thrilled when I suggested it was going to be called iSquid, but then I don’t think he’s really parsed the whole "stroke or swipe the Templesmith for information" of it all.

Also, this:


More stuff tomorrow.

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