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Links for 2010-11-22

  • Not by the Direct Method., A female hoplite?
    “Think not the less of me if this is the first time I?ve run across something in a history book which admits the possibility of Greek female warriors.”
    (tags:history )
    another Former Ghosts collab
    (tags:music )
  • Found Objects: Robinson’s Return
    “Patrick Keiller has a new film on release, ‘Robinson in Ruins’, and this is a cause for some celebration. Those already familiar with his earlier works ‘London’ (1994) and ‘Robinson in Space’ (1997) will appreciate another adventure for his itinerant alter ego Robinson as he dispenses wisdom and wishful thinking on a diverse range of topics including psychogeography, occult references, English revolutionaries, politics, the environment and social commentary in the manner of Ian Sinclair, Ian Nairn and George Orwell, Baudelair’s flâneur and Situationist dérives. There is perhaps a further dose of hauntology thrown into the mix, as the promotional material suggests Robinson now attempts to communicate with ‘non-human intelligences’, returning from time in prison like a ghost in search of somewhere to haunt…”
    (tags:film )
  • Research carries cautionary warning for future stem cell applications
    “The research indicates a possible danger of cancerous tissue development in the use of such cells.”
    (tags:med )
  • Breakthrough could lead to disposable e-readers
    “A breakthrough in a University of Cincinnati engineering lab that could clear the way for a low-cost, even disposable, e-reader is gaining considerable attention.”
    (tags:tech )
  • Researchers kick-start ancient DNA
    “Binghamton University researchers recently revived ancient bacteria trapped for thousands of years in water droplets embedded in salt crystals.”
    (tags:sci )
  • Learning Without Frontiers – Immersive Theatre
    “we are developing a show entitled Professor Scopps’ Travelling Library, where the children are asked to help the Professor and his assistants to fill the library with facts, thoughts, feelings and ideas. The live show is supported by an interactive website, where the children’s contributions to the library, in whatever media they choose to create them, are stored and can be shared with other schools participating in the project.”
    (tags:performance comms net )

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