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The Non-Stop Nothing

It’s 1am. I just kind of looked up and took a breath. So far today I have:

* done a phone conference with a film producer and a screenwriter

* talked to a publisher about doing a blurb for a book

* worked with JahFurry in re: a gig I wasn’t suited for, but knew a man who was

* processed the last week’s worth of mail into labels and folders

* talked to film/tv agent, re-familiarised myself with a tv deal

* scribbled notes in Notebook C

* viewed and approved some "extras" footage for a DVD

* checked out sketches on a Thing

* caught up with Katie West, who has a new book out soon

* scribbled notes in Notebook M

* considered and made notes on two anthology invitations

* called on Twitter for #DoctorWhisky at around 9pm

* denounced Xeni Jardin for wanting to "jailbreak the sky"

* looked at and enjoyed a really beautiful, odd piece by Liam Sharp for this TRANSMET CBLDF benefit book that I know next to nothing about

* swore quite a lot at various bits of news

* pushed things to the blog and bookmarks

* dealt with Ariana jabbering at me in Japanese

And some stuff I forgot. It’s 1am. I’ve done no actual writing all day. And yet I haven’t bloody stopped doing stuff.

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