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Links for 2010-11-15

  • Very Very Much – Cristian Vogel – Part 1 (of 2)
    "…people are really OK with this: ?mp3s should be free and musicians get paid doing concerts? ? this cuts out the entire art of creation in the studio! Completely and utterly! This whole art which is completely responsible for everything from You Really Got Me through Sergeant Pepper through Lee ?Scratch? Perry to any great record you want, especially electronic music which is completely dependent on it because it?s not performance linked necessarily."
    (tags:music rant culture )
  • ‘Chaogates’ hold promise for the semiconductor industry
    "In a move that holds great significance for the semiconductor industry, a team of researchers has created an alternative to conventional logic gates, demonstrated them in silicon, and dubbed them "chaogates."
    (tags:tech computing )
  • EaaS: Non-rival Goods vs. Rival Goods – Global Guerrillas
    "Our current economy doesn't differentiate between rival and non-rival goods. Nearly everything is sold or traded as if it is a rival good, even though the transactional volume of non-rival goods is starting to dwarf the trade in rival goods."
    (tags:money )

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