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It is the season where I’m thinking about how to change things around here a bit. Spring and autumn are terrible for that. Ariana stuck a new skin on the beast. We don’t have time for a new redesign, and I like the current design just fine in any case. But I feel like it’s time for a little mutation in the way the content goes down. I said, some while ago, that I’m less and less interested in links curation, beyond the gathering of research material and finding new music I like. I should try and force myself out of the habit of always having a Blog2Post window open, and just load links into delicious for daily collation. It’s healthy, or at least interesting, to re-examine, every now and then, what a blog is for.

Dunno yet what I’ll settle on, mind you. Perhaps a more magazine-like structure, through to early Spring, anyway.

Anyhow. A bit of change here.

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