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That Awful Monthly Thing

It’s that time of the month when I need to come up with a new column for WIRED UK. I think I’m coming up on the two-year mark, and I’m starting to wonder how many more of those I’ve got in me. Presumably I’ll be down to yanking gibberish out of the ether on Sunday night again. Or devolving to some “(insert media here) is dead” nonsense. Or talking about the food on airplanes.

Insert Received Goods here: this morning I received a copy of the new Moon Wiring Club album, which looks beautiful, and I look forward to playing it tonight. Which will lead to the temptation to write another paean to the Confusing English Electronic Music in the pages of WIRED UK, I know.

Ariana put some winter clothes on the site last night. Not going to do a full redesign until next year, but I wanted a fresh lick of paint in the meantime.

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