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Eagle Likes Pint


So, over the weekend I won the Eagle Award for favourite writer again, and FREAKANGELS won best webcomic. Which was unexpected, if not very surprising because I’d forgotten the event was on and am not sure if I ever knew I’d been nominated in any capacity (and if I did know, I’d forgotten because I am going senile). Thanks to all who voted for us. I’ve ensured that the gong for FREAKANGELS is being posted to Paul this week. Apparently this year said gongs are glass. This is what happened to Kieron and Jamie’s award for PHONOGRAM, because they shouldn’t be allowed out on their own:


Kieron’s comment:

If you want a single image to encapsulate the whole Phonogram story, that’s it.

Mine was being looked after for me by the wonderful Anna Petterson. Anna was, however, unable to stop herself from sending ransom-note proof-of-life images all weekend, including:


Eagle is having a good time. Eagle likes pint.


Eagle rides the Docklands Light Railway. Eagle feels travel sick.


Eagle has to go on replacement bus. Eagle not happy.

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