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Me In The Guardian About RED And Retired Operatives

I got asked to write a thing for the Guardian film section about "the allure of the retired operative" in films. And they’ve put it online.

There is great emotional and dramatic power in the concept of the Hero Rising Again. Look at the recent Rambo film, variously titled Rambo and John Rambo. When we first meet Sylvester Stallone in that film, he frankly looks like a skinned heifer that someone left out in the rain for six weeks. He’s not Rambo. He’s "John", and he’s old, monosyllabic to the point of catatonia, defeated. Things have to get horrendous before he becomes Rambo again – much like the Bourne Persona asserting itself when Matt Damon is attacked by cops in The Bourne Identity – and the audience takes perverse joy in the retired man taking on that aspect of the demented Special Forces black-ops killer "asset" we know of old…

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