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Links for 2010-10-21

  • Futuristic Judge Dredd smartguns issued to 101st Airborne
    "It's all go in the world of futuristic Judge Dredd style guns today. Reports suggest that a battalion of US airmobile* troops in Afghanistan are to be equipped with the XM-25 computing smart-rifle, able to strike enemies hiding round corners or in trenches. A successful "proof of concept" of a guided homing bullet for use in sniper rifles has also been announced."
    (tags:war tech want+one xmas thankyou )
  • The Mire – Radio Art To Work By
    "Knut Aufermann, author of the Radio Art feature in The Wire 320 has compiled, in his own words ?a selection of radio streams to listen to whilst concentrating on other things, a kind of audible wallpaper that commercial radio aspires to, but much better.?"
    (tags:radio )
  • Life on earth could be transformed by NASA space technology
    "For years, NASA has been developing technology to establish long-duration human presence in space. As part of this ongoing effort, NASA developed a closed-loop system that recycles urine and gray water into drinking water. In addition, recent research suggests that it also may be used to generate and store energy, which would not only benefit space habitats and travel, but may have application on Earth as well."
    (tags:space tech culture )

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