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So I finally saw RED tonight, in the company of my daughter, at the European premiere in London.

As I’ve said before, RED-the-book is a short story, and unfilmable as a direct translation. But the rough structure, intent and themes are still there, and I saw little bits of the book scattered around in it. Most importantly, it’s a hugely entertaining movie. Lili laughed her way through it and so did the audience — who also reacted nicely at the little shocks and the bursts of violence. Robert isn’t a very showy director, but it’s clearly his most cleverly shot film yet. Also there’s a bit where someone gets exploded into two distinct pieces. I always appreciate that kind of attention to detail.

The organisers were brilliant, it was really nice to see Mr Willis and Helen Mirren again (who, onstage before the film, couldn’t resist stamping it as a Southend-On-Sea production), and, generally, it was a fine night that I think rounded off Lili’s fifteenth birthday very well. Complete with a glass or two of champagne at the afterparty.

And now, I have some emails from my agent in my inbox about the Next Things. And tomorrow? I honestly think I might take the afternoon off.

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