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Links for 2010-10-17

  • BBC News – Charity offers UK drug addicts £200 to be sterilised
    “Drug addicts across the UK are being offered money to be sterilised by an American charity. Project Prevention is offering to pay £200 to any drug user in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leicester and parts of Wales who agrees to be operated on.”
    (tags:drugs social crime )
  • suckerPUNCH – skeleton of redemption
    Future-crazed Chinese design-fictioneer paper-architects imagine what Archigram and Christian Americans might have been like – "SoR is a surrealist projection onto Detroit, the most enlightened of all modern cities. The failure of Detroit was the failure of programmatic singularity, which depleted the city?s energy, turning it into futuristic ruins, or an artificial farmland. This proposal is motivated by the process of ?redemption?, structured through the metaphorical development of a ?catholic savior?. The recovery process is a surgical action and a process of the city?s cellular organ rebirth. An artificial injection programmatically penetrates the remaining farmland, gaining energy while providing the basic nutrients for the growth of new infrastructure and revitalized accommodations."
    (tags:architecture )

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