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RED: Didn’t Flop

Because you know I was going to post something about it, right? Woke up this afternoon to this from Deadline Hollywood:

2. Red (Summit) NEW [3,255 Theaters]
Friday $7.3M, Estimated Weekend $20.9M

That’s revised down from the early numbers of 8.5M/25M. I have a sneaking suspicion the numbers might even out at $23M for the weekend. But I’ll take $21M.

Nikki Finke also says something in public that I wasn’t cleared to, so I’m just going to quote her:

I hear the film’s negative cost is around $58 million after subsidies are realized; but because Summit always licenses its films out to distributors in territories around the globe, the upstart studio’s financial exposure on the budget is only under $20 million.

What this means is that, in broad terms, the picture will have earned out what it cost to make and market it in a few weeks.

I am sick with the Komodo Dragon Hantavirus, but I am at peace.

(Except of course that my child has now shown me a photo of a pygmy hippo sleeping on a double-bed mattress with a dog sleeping on top of the hippo and she’s crooning “looook how cute this is IT’S SUCH A CUTE LITTLE HIPPO and look it warms dogs too CAN WE HAVE A HIPPO AND A PUPPY”)

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