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Messages From Beyond The Veil Of Lungfoam

I think it’s Thursday. However, I have spent a significant chunk of the week thinking it’s Thursday, which has led to, among other things, an under-dressed and intensely medicated me putting out the bin-bags for collection three days early, and at 4am. So either it’s not Thursday, or this bug has thrown me into some chronal hell of Permanent Thursday. Or it is Thursday after all and the world has just caught up to me. I don’t know. Leave me alone. I’m sick. Komodo Dragon Flu. If you caught it you’d already be dead. That’s right.

There are many things to catch up on. So, while I’ve got a burst of even slight clarity, let me try and deal with some of the messages that got piled up. First thing in email was a message from old friend Hannah Valentine from the WEF days:

Abra, my friend, is a talented writer who has started up a website to host a serialized steampunk story called "The Circus of Brass and Bone" and accompanying podcasts. While all the material is free to the public, she’s asking for donations (via Paypal) that would go directly towards helping pay for her mother’s cancer treatment. See below for an excerpt from her website:

"All donations go to help cover the costs of my mother’s cancer treatment. She was recently diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer, which is very serious but treatable–though the odds are not in her favor. She was working at a school in India at the time of diagnosis, so she doesn’t have health insurance. My parents came back to the U.S. for treatment, so they’ve both given up their jobs. And they’ve spent much of their lives working to help others–working with farmers in Africa and teaching in India–so they don’t really have anything in the way of a savings cushion."

That’s THE CIRCUS OF BRASS AND BONE. Which is a great title.

My daughter has just informed me that there’s no such thing as the Komodo Dragon Flu. Why do 14-year-olds think they know everything?

Haven’t listened yet, but the Moon Knights, whom I’ve played here a few times over the years, have a new album out via Bandcamp. As do Megabats.

Incoming message from BERG: the test print for Project Blacklight came in, and the news is that "IT ONLY FUCKING WORKS." This will be meaningless to you right now, but you may take it as indication that we are developing something with a sort of experimental printing process.

This site continues to support the campaign of Steven Murray for Mayor of Toronto.


The rather lovely Rumour Cubes have a new album out on Monday, and it’ll be available from their Bandcamp, where you can currently listen to their last EP for free. Oh, and RxRy sent lovely new noises.

Oh, god, Google Reader’s gone over 1000 unread articles again. Here we go. Might as well post this, then start wading through that…

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