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On Being Prolific

Brad Rose, at the newly-redesigned Foxy Digitalis site:

…how prolific is too prolific or is there even such a thing? And to further expand on that – what are the problems with prolific-ness and what are the positive aspects? The big question I would ask is why do you think an artist being prolific is a problem?

Quality control is an obvious answer, but at the same time it seems like a lot of artists who are releasing an extreme amount of material are doing it from a perspective of sharing in the process of their art as much as anything. I still think the John Olson MethodTM is one of the best ways to go because even though he does release a shit ton of stuff… because, in a way, its like having a running dialogue with the artist – you experience what they’re up to RIGHT NOW and how they are developing their current ideas, moving toward the next “major” release. I find that fascinating and wholly worthwhile…

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