September 22nd, 2010 | people I know

Remember the MAKING FUTURE MAGIC video from BERG and Dentsu London that I showed you last week? The boys from the BERG are not done with it yet:

There were an awful lot of photos taken for the Making Future Magic video …Timo reckons he shot somewhere in the region of 5500 shots… a lot was left on the cutting room floor. In addition, we amassed a stack of incidental pictures of props, setups, mistakes, 3D tests and amphibious observers during the film’s creation. Clicking through these pictures, it was clear that a book collecting some of these pictures, offering little behind-the-scenes glimpses alongside the finished graded stills used in the final edit, was the way forward…

And so, in softback and hardback, there is now MAKING FUTURE MAGIC: THE BOOK. In a Print On Demand edition from Blurb, just like Liam’s book in the previous post. Not that I’m pointing out patterns or anything.


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