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Graphic.Ly is a digital comics store. The desktop edition is built on Adobe Air. It also has iPad/iPhone apps. On installing and first launch, it’s a little memory-greedy on my laptop — I imagine that if I did a restart and then launched it, it’d even out just fine. Haven’t given it a good roadtest yet, but the install was so smooth, and the first look at the thing so promising, that I thought I’d bring it to your attention.

EDITED TO ADD: Guess they haven’t got the payment system worked out properly yet. Payment does not lead to comic appearing in collection. This can be annoying. It can take a while for it to occur to you to quit the app entirely and relaunch it, whereupon you find the comic you bought in your collection. Not hugely impressive user experience.

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  1. Drax Drax


  2. I’ve used it a bit. A decent selection of comics. I have to say though, there are so many different platforms for buying digital comics that I don’t really know which to pick. If had a few more publishers (say, Dark Horse or Red 5) I’d go with it.

    I do like that I’ve been able to catch up with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? after missing a few issues at my local shop. Ordering direct from Boom! is expensive for this wee New Zealander.

  3. irish red irish red

    so i have to install it AND create an account before i can even see what’s there and how much it costs? forget it, deleted.

  4. Nice post, thank you.

    The payment bug was on Paypal’s side, and it should be fixed as of last night (sorry about that).

    would love to hear feedback on how the user experience could be improved. Are you talking within the reading experience or overall?


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