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Am Here

Yes. Am here. But mostly just on email, with half an eye on Twitter some of the time. Busy day. Need to feed Paul more FREAKANGELS pages, among many other things. I don’t even dare switch on Google Reader right now. Bad enough I checked my "public" email account ( and found a bunch of new music by RxRy waiting for me.

Negat-ve Patterns by RxRy

I looked at Flickr earlier, just to get my eyes out of OpenOffice for a minute, and um well yes why don’t you see for yourself:


Thank you Lenora Claire.

Things I am thinking about besides where the cartoon arserape ghost version of Lenora Claire is going to stick her fingernails in my forthcoming hellish nightmares: wondering if Katie and Jack are moving copies of NANOKA, and wondering if a one-man magazine counts as a magazine.

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  1. Mathew Jensterle Mathew Jensterle

    That’s an interesting question. Honestly though, I think if the content is suited towards a magazine format then it is a magazine, regardless of the number of authors, though I can see why the history of the magazine would make you think there’s a risk of just making a book with a really floppy cover.

  2. Tim Nielsen Tim Nielsen

    Yeah, putting that level of defining rules on a medium or format doesn’t seem your style. Is a comic written drawn, lettered and edited by one person still a comic? Is a painting by one person unreasonable? One viewpoint can be limiting, and might be likely to produce bad material for a format, but not necessarily redefine it.

  3. James Bong James Bong

    This is the kind of picture that’s going to make a great story for the grandkids.

  4. Haha Warren as usual you’re cracking me up. I’d like to add that I was stone cold sober when the photo was taken and that technically I’m “working” in that photo. My life has turned extra kooky since leaving publishing ;)

  5. So far we’ve moved 54 copies over 8 countries in the 5 days it’s been out, if that information is useful to you.

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