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National Holiday

The rain’s finally died off enough for me to be able to sit in my own back garden with the netbook on the garden furniture I purchased about four weeks ago. The rain started a day later. Ha ha.

National holiday here today. Lili’s off having her annual photos taken by our photographer friend Paula, who’s been shooting her once a year since she was born. I’ve got a WIRED UK column to file by the 3rd, and a large and pressing job to get on an editor’s desk before then that’ll determine much of what I’m doing between now and New Year’s Day.

And I’d really like to be developing a new comics project or two, as well.

So, of course, I’m writing a blog entry.

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  1. Jason Jason

    I agree that a new comic project for two would be a wonderful idea. On topic, I should be writing as well and not commenting on your blog entry.

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