Weird Tales At Whitechapel

This week’s art challenge at Whitechapel was envisioning a new cover and style for WEIRD TALES. Which is a bit cheeky, as WEIRD TALES’ outgoing editor Stephen Segal hangs out there.

But this week’s entries were a bit good. Here’s Raid’s, go and see the rest.


(Also worth noting that Paul Sizer, a Whitechapel regular, was hired to illustrate a story for WEIRD TALES on the strength of his entries in previous versions of the remake/remodel artist challenges at Whitechapel.)

4 thoughts on “Weird Tales At Whitechapel”

  1. Wow, Paul, I’m glad people dig Sizer Da Vectorizer! ;)

    This week’s challenge was just too interesting not to join in the fun. Ta, Warren.

  2. I lurk the hell out of Remake/Remodel, I can’t draw (thus no participating) but much of the work posted is simply beautiful, and a pleasure to view every week.

    I have to agree with posting Raid71’s cover this week, it’s phenomenal. Keep up the great work, Whitechapel.

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