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Lost Language Found On Back Of A Letter

I love things like this.

Notes on the back of a 400-year-old letter have revealed a previously unknown language once spoken by indigenous peoples of northern Peru, an archaeologist says.

Penned by an unknown Spanish author and lost for four centuries, the battered piece of paper was pulled from the ruins of an ancient Spanish colonial church in 2008.

But a team of scientists and linguists has only recently revealed the importance of the words written on the flip side of the letter.

The early 17th-century author had translated Spanish numbers-uno, dos, tres-and Arabic numerals into a mysterious language never seen by modern scholars…

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  1. Dan Dan

    Ah, archeology the frontier on the war front of historical data gathering. Innovative like technological science which can render a lot of mainstream conventional viewpoints and quackery like Erich von Daniken to dust.

  2. Hi, Dan. It doesn’t take much to reduce the quackery of an Erich von Daniken to dust. His methodology has never stood up to scholarly scrutiny, and even he has admitted to falsifying evidence in order to promote his claims. The only support to von Daniken’s views is an audience that wants to believe his ancient astronaut thesis despite the evidence.

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