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Warren’s Semi-Regular Call For New Podcasts To Enjoy

I currently grab the following podcasts:

* Avant-Avant

* Broken20

* The Economist: Videography

* Electronic Explorations

* In Our Time

* KEXP Song Of The Day

* Psychedelic Salon

* Reith Lectures 2010

* TEDTalks (video)

* TouchRadio

* 3VOOR12 Viral Radio

I like music podcasts. I like video podcasts so long as they are short. I like odd things. I like learning about weird stuff. I find most science podcasts very boring or annoying. I live in Britain, so "This American Life" is useless to me (for some reason, it’s always the first one people suggest).

Recommendations? Thoughts? Shameless plugs? I’m up for them. Speak.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I would suggest Smodcast. It is hosted by film director Kevin Smith. Its a comedy podcast that has no real agenda, but always seems to get to weird sex and scenarios.

  2. Bjorn Bjorn

    Double secret vote for The Moth and Radiolab, as suggested by other commenters.

  3. matt matt

    the memory palace

    falls into the category of weird facts and cool music

  4. Doug Doug

    For music, check out Single songs. Subscribe by genre – pop, alt. rock,electronica, etc. Good overview of mainstream indie stuff. Easy to skip through and explore.

  5. I would suggest Radiolab – it’s from NPR in the us and is a fact based program most often about science and has great sound editing… it also has a great storytelling element. If you lige factual stories with an edge to them give npr show Snap Judgement a shot too. …

  6. – film, media and general nerditry. I’m on the Coolshite West Side Team based out of Perth, Western Australia, while the main crew is in Tasmania. Essentially, the ‘casts are pop culture musings from the far side of nowhere.

  7. Shamless , plugs ? on a sunday morning ? well if you insist. <– it really is not about social media its usually me getting ranty about privacy, piracy and technology and twitter.

    and this one

    is because I think video game podcasts should think about narrative, storyline and character not just pixels and gameplay.

    Okay some shameless plugging is done with so to offer other suggestions "Maths for Primates" does a good job of talking maths.

    my work here done is.

  8. Dac Dac

    Shameless plug: Retcast. Two pals of mine (on the other side of the world) host it, I’ve guest-appeared a few times

    About…well, anything, really, but mostly comics, movies and books. Sometimes music and events.

  9. My favorite music cast is The Casbah the high church of the jangly guitar. Surf, Psychedelia, blues any music genre with ‘-billy’ in its name. It’s my commute to work music.

    I’m also a fan of the podcast for Canadian horror magazine Rue Morgue lots of grue themed music, interviews with authors and film-makers all from a horror perspective.

  10. Shameless Plug: HolyFuckingAwesome

    It’s a new podcast with only a couple of updates up so far, so we’re still getting the hang of it. We choose topics based on what we’re geeked out about at the moment, and tend toward the Smodcast model of things focusing on what amuses/intrigues us. We’re updating on Mondays right now, but may change that when we get deeper in.

  11. Jason Nulph Jason Nulph

    I love “hardcore history” on Itunes, if history was taught like this in school I would have really paid attention. If this podcast cost money I would pay for it. I think when you decide to pay for something you then have made choice that this is something you would miss.

  12. Ian Thwaites Ian Thwaites

    WNYC’s Radiolab must get a guernsey just for the number of times its been recommended. I particularly recommend the episode on Parasites if you like weird.

  13. Eric "Should Really Be Working Now" Hjelmgren Eric "Should Really Be Working Now" Hjelmgren

    I’m from Minnesota, USA… and essentially (besides anything new introduced to me… mostly by yourself) all I listen to is 89.3 The Current. It’s part of Minnesota Public Radio, and it’s easy to tell from the DJs that music is pretty much their life. Alternative music, but only in that they tend not to be mainstream. They play all types: underplayed classics that you could never get sick of, things I never would have been exposed to otherwise, and things that I never would have given a chance. And then there’s the surprise of having well-established artists like Bob Dylan being followed by The Roots, or The Prodigy.

    Anyway… they have a podcast. It’s a “Song of the Day” podcast, so what’s more to love than free music, right?

  14. Tom Tom

    I highly recommend The Skeptoid podcast

    It’s a skeptic site in that it examines pseudoscientific claims–some obvious, some not so obvious. From the site:

    “Skeptoid is a weekly science podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture, and replacing them with way cooler reality.
    Each weekly episode focuses on a single phenomenon — an urban legend, a paranormal claim, alternative therapy, or something just plain stupid — that you’ve heard of, and that you probably believe in. Skeptoid attempts to expose the folly of belief in non-evidence based phenomena, and more importantly, explains the factual scientific reality.”

    I like it because it’s a reasonable length (10-15 minutes), always on time, informative, and pretty funny–he even throws in a musical every now and then.

  15. This is a shameless plug: Neon Reverb Radio.
    It’s a fledgling college radio station that we work so very hard on. We play lots of current bands mixed with some of the older classics. So any day you can hear Wavves, Television and the Crocodiles in the same set. We also play a lot of our up and coming local bands in Las Vegas, such as The Skooners, Same Sex Mary, Vitamin Overdose, Kid Meets Cougar, and so on.

    I am the music director of the show and I constantly check your blog for great new artists(ex: Zola Jesus, we played “Manifest Destiny” on podcast #42). I hope that it gets a good listening to by everyone and I’m open to receiving requests and recommendations of songs/bands that we should play.

    If you’re ever in Vegas, we air:
    Saturdays, 8-10pm
    91.5 KUNV
    Neon Reverb Radio


  16. I’d say Distorted View for the truly wrong, sick, and bizarre (

    Any of the podcasts or weekly animated video review (, particularly League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen, who tackle a variety of topics and guests, but hinge on comics and film. They recently had Joe R. Lansdale on, and I think it was one of their better shows:

    Also, “I Love Movies” with Doug Benson, but only if you particularly like his style of humor.

  17. ProfessionalHedonist ProfessionalHedonist

    Not sure this is your bag. This is strange for the sake of being strange, not so much by accident. Your “bizarre” and mine may well differ, but this 3am radio show has survived, somehow, on public radio here in Berkeley/SF since I was in my teens (I’m 35 now). It’s not so much informative or witty as it is weird, but a good weird, like an unholy marriage of Videodrome meets David Lynch nightmare — aurally. It is what happens if LSD had a sound. The show is mostly a smattering of field recordings, experimental music, and drone interspersed with random samples and found sounds (think Negativland with less music), but punctuated with the stylings of weirdster guru Doug Wellman and the incomparable “Captain Hal.” It now has a podcast:

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