Angel Ceballos

August 26th, 2010 | photography

(who can be found here)


(model is the itinerant Magdalene Veen, whom many believed to have died of the space clap behind the bins outside an airport in Germany)

7 Responses to “Angel Ceballos”

  1. I fuckin’ love this photo.

  2. Just excellent. The devil is in the details and his eldritch handiwork is all over this one. The overall slant/framing, the vintage feel to the colors, the model’s gleefully focused expression, it all adds up to a a great little narrative. It’s a shame the image is too small for a desktop wallpaper.

  3. just center it on a black background (that works for me)

  4. I’d say contact the photographer and see if she can furnish you a larger size.

  5. Not Pictured: Boy Scout Troop 156 running for cover.


  7. a0dRDEe4XgAFO6Y%3D is all I see…very sad.