Your RED Still For Tonight

Brian Cox. I got to see footage from his first scene with Mr Willis in Toronto. They just locked a camera off on him and he did about five minutes of dialogue in a single take. This still seems to sum it up nicely.

Of course, as with much of the film, his character didn’t exist in the book. But Ivan Simanov does tie into the book’s themes: retired and distrusted by those who came after, and very much both the threat and the wreckage of the 20th Century.

Anyway, I’m posting this because they haven’t really released any of Mr Cox’s work on the film yet. And also, you know, vodka + knife + possible Russian Mafiya smoking jacket = good times tonight.


12 thoughts on “Your RED Still For Tonight”

  1. I have a bottle like that. Its supposed to be a traditional vodka bottle, which can be reused by any distillery. They just put a different wax seal on the front.

    Whatever mine is filled with is a nasty imitation of good old fashioned rotgut, barely worth calling vodka. Its the only martini I’ve ever poured down the drain instead of down my gullet.

  2. This is kind of how I imagine Warren’s nights at the pub go. Bottle always in front of him, knife presented, not a soul to be seen anywhere. If someone WERE to open his stupid noisehole, however, he would be met with only four words: “Put balls on table.”

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  4. Im suddenly reminded of old Elijah Snow all young and full of vigor talking to Holmes in Planetary.

    I guess the old guard never want to give way to the new.

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