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No, There’s No AUTHORITY Film

Someone just pointed me at this comment by Stana Katic on Twitter:

Re: confusion about ‘The Authority.’ By ‘looking into,’ I meant looking into READING the comic books. Was not cast or offered role in movie.Tue Aug 24 18:40:02 via web

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  1. Bryce Bryce

    But if there were a movie, who would be your dream cast?

    (Someone’s going to ask…)

  2. Cryptorchild99 Cryptorchild99

    I just like the shit out of the fact this broad has enough class to be reading the authority … But she really should have started with “Stormwatch” … puts it all in perspective with the High and what he was trying to accomplish … Jenny just took the ball and ran with it …

  3. I don’t know…but style wise…I always imagine little lens flares and stuff whenever Apollo’s onscreen.

  4. Cryptorchild99 Cryptorchild99

    But the thought of Stana Katic wearing nothing but liquid metal, well, it’s really the kind of thought that keeps a man all warm and tingly at night, isn’t it?

  5. Luke Greensmtih Luke Greensmtih

    While now would be a great time for an Authority film (everyone’s getting sick of the usual stuff and now the counterculture is doing well), at least The Authority is getting a good plug.

    I agree with Cryptorchild99 though, should definately head to the Stormwatch reboot. Pretty much Authority: Book One. Got to love the opening, in a nutshell: “Everyone who’s shit is SACKED!”

  6. Peyton Manning Peyton Manning

    I wonder if the TV show Castle is any good.

  7. FLJ FLJ

    Do you have to “look into reading” a comic? Does it require that much planning?

    You just go, buy it and read it…

  8. Travis Travis

    Jenny Sparks- Yvonne (Something or other) from Chuck
    Apollo – Alexander Skarsgard
    Midnighter – Josh Holloway or Michael C Hall
    Angie – Rosario Dawson
    Swift – Maggie Q
    Hawksmoore – Paul Blackthorne
    Doctor – Matt Bomer

  9. @FLJ, yes, yes you do. You can’t buy indie comics at many shops unless you plan 3 months in advance and do the retailer’s job for him to read Previews and flag what you want. Then, you still have the chance that the retailer won’t order it for you. If you missed the first printing, the retailer may or may not be able to get the book as a reorder, or may just tell you he cant.

    So, for something like The Authority, which came out years ago, good luck trying to find single issues, and you will generally have to ‘look into reading’ the comic by going to to see if they stock the trade paperback, because going to a comic shop is kind of an unpleasant experience. If the shop is bad, the staff sucks, and if the shop is good, it’s the other customers that are intolerable. Good comic shops with trades might not even have it, they don’t keep *everything* in stock. If you go to a chain bookstore, they may or may not have it, and the copy they do have will be all stuck together.

    I don’t think there is any pop culture hobby that is nearly as difficult to pursue as reading comics. I happen to have an Eisner-award winning retailer within walking distance, super-nice people, but for some reason I don’t like being there all that much. I could only bring myself to go in whenever I heard an issue of Planetary was coming out. When I do get the bug to try something cool I’ve heard about, it’s hit-or-miss whether they will have it, and I just don’t feel like having them order it and have to take a second trip to the store. I’ve got other entertainment options that are far more convenient.

    Downloading comics on ComiXology is pretty convenient, but it’s harder than hell to *find* things there, or know what you are getting, and they don’t carry all that deep a catalog. Plus, when you do manage to find something you want, the experience of having it rapidly download and be there kind of underscores how overpriced comics are in any format — $1.99 for 5 minutes of reading, and you don’t even have paper to clutter up the place, just bits lying on a hard drive.

    See what happened there? Comics have turned me into a geezer, and don’t even get me started on the movie business.

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