August 23rd, 2010 | microlog, researchmaterial

If Something Awful goons crew-rate a spacelaunch vehicle on August 31st I am going to laugh and laugh and drink and laugh some more and send Elon Musk a box of flaming turds and then laugh even more.

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  1. Pretty sure only one of them is a goon. The rest are just other crazy Danes.

  2. This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life.


  3. my first instinct on that was to scream “HOAX”, but… well yea. there it is. goons in space …IN REAL LIFE.
    well, my fingers are firmly crossed for them, goons or not :) if they can pull it off, i’ll be deeply impressed. its an encouraging thing (donation based small time space programme!) and probably the worst nightmare of quite a few military types at the same time.
    i just hope their somewhat top-heavy launch contraption doesnt topple over and sink due to heavy weather or seas, that would be pretty anticlimatic.


    Rocket thread. And, as a bonus, pictures from the same team building a submarine last year. frumpykvetchbot is the goon spokesperson and photographer.

  5. Next up: Magnificent B/Tards install Anon Server on Moon. The 4chan is a harsh mistress.

    (The Big Transmitter is the only hard part. Actual tiny servers just need to be in wireless LAN range of it. If one breaks, you just need to land a new one close enough to the BT instead of going there to install anything. Moon-based web hosting until angry governments start lobbing rocks or spoiler servers at it.)