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  1. Eric


    If that’s an artery hanging out at the bottom, I don’t know how that thing’s staying erect. I guess that’s why it’s called hard sci-fi.

  2. Thom


    Well, there goes the morning.

  3. Ninsiima



    I think the internet has a problem.

    One it needs to get checked out.

  4. Sci


    @Eric – Rigor mortis? :P

  5. Glad you, er, enjoyed that. I found it late last night & now mysteriously can’t find the source…

    (I still wish my years-old plan of making blood-coloured lube for goths had taken off, they’d make a perfect combination.)

  6. Brad


    Zombies are often referred to as “stiffs.” I suppose this is fitting.

  7. @Eric: I think the grey things at the bottom look more like the promised maggots than blood vessels.

  8. Christopher


    I just threw up a little in my mouth. Hey, my sub’s birthday is coming up!

  9. Andy


    @Christopher… that’s just pure evil:)

  10. Mollie


    Better or worse than the Twilight freezer dildo?? lol

  11. Jeremy


    Rigor mortis has certainly set in.

  12. Lex


    If this makes you puke in your mouth a little, then better prepare yourselves for the tasty treats we are cooking up in the Necronomicox lab!
    More toys big and small, for every fetish and price range. Some to include: Cock rings, butt plugs, ball gags….and the list continues.
    Let your freak flags fly kidz ;)

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