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Image by Jeremy Petravicz, who explains:

This is a picture of a brain slice from one of the genetically modified mice I work with. They are a cell type called astrocytes, which are actually about 80% of your brain. The astrocytes in this mouse are expressing a protein that fluoresces green at certain wavelengths of light, called GFP. It originally comes from jelly fish, but since we’re scientist we like to stick the damn protein into everything.

The Y shaped thing near the middle is actually a blood vessel, which astrocytes extensively contact in the brain.

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  1. Jeremy Jeremy

    Well…that just made my morning!

  2. Dear Mr Ellis

    I have lately been forced to move you from the bookmark collection called “bummen-lite” to the bookmark collection called “bummen-serious” because of your filthy habit of making every damn post relevant and full of content.

    Everything you post of late is a gateway to hours of thought and research. Please drink more, as your blog is becoming a sucking chestwound on my value-added productivity.

    Kind regards,


  3. “since we’re scientist we like to stick the damn protein into everything”

    Any other profession and a statement like that probably gets you brought up on charges.

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